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HomeUncategorizedBryant Dickinson’s GMC Sierra: A Beloved HMD ‘Team Member’
Home Bryant Dickinson’s GMC Sierra: A Beloved HMD ‘Team Member’
Bryant Dickinson’s GMC Sierra: A Beloved HMD ‘Team Member’

Many of you are very familiar with the beloved truck owned by our VP, Bryant Dickinson.

He’s quite fond of his old GMC Sierra with no working air conditioning… You read that right, NO A/C… Among many other broken factors!! The truck is famous for its stack of papers in the windshield and boots sticking out the back, as well as the fact that few have been invited for a ride in it.

It’s become a joke at the office, as we regularly field questions on why Bryant hasn’t gotten a new truck or, at the very least, removed that stack of papers. Alas, despite having his very own office, he prefers to work out of his truck while parked in the parking lot, broken A/C, doors, mirrors, and all.

We’re hoping that Bryant is finally coming to terms with the possibility that it might be time to hang up the keys to this old girl and look for a new set of wheels, so we’re taking a vote! Who thinks it’s time he gets a new truck? Encouragement from our extended HMD family is welcome!!!

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