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Home The Process
The Process

Often the development and construction process can be confusing for those who do not make their living in this line of business.  HMD prides itself of becoming experts of each and every project and works closely with all stakeholders involved to make sure the final product delivered exceeds our clients expectations.  Below is the typical development and construction cycle.

  • 1
    Land / Space Selection
    Our relationships with top brokers and property owners allows us to find exactly what suits our clients’ needs.
  • 2
    Planning and Design
    HMD has an extensive network of top design professionals, including land planners, architects, civil engineers and interior decorators that are experts in creating spaces that match or surpass your vision.
  • 3
    With actual experience and lasting relationships in corporate and commercial banking, HMD has successfully assisted our clients in the finding the right financial solution for their project.
  • 4
    Using a collaborative approach, HMD fully engages all stakeholders during the process to establish clear program objectives, schedules and budget considerations. Through a collaborative approach, programmatic challenges are less costly to resolve in the design stage versus during construction.
  • 5
    Streamline project management and scheduling to ensure each project comes in on time and on budget.
  • 6
    Project Completion
    HMD provides its clients a seamless transition from construction to occupancy. Whether it’s an investment property or owner occupied, HMD provides its clients and/or property management partner at project completion closeout documentation, warranty guidelines and building system information.

It is our perspective that the broad range of experiences we bring to the table provides benefits that always exceed the cost.  It is our practice to engage our clients in a way to best understand the big picture of what our client would like to carry out so we can also help them understand creative ways to profit from the overall experience.